Mark Copeman, Founder, producer, presenter

Mark founded The 8.45 Club in 2008 and after producing several hundred videos for different joint venture courses and businesses, decided to split off the business video element and 8:45 TV was born.

With a background in corporate technology and marketing, Mark has run his own businesses since 2000 and is passionate about entrepreneurship and can’t figure out if he’s happiest in front or behind the camera, which has to be a good thing.

He is married with two children and when not cooking for guests, can be found mainly watching Masterchef.

Oliver Truswell, Producer, video production

Oliver has been with the team for the last couple of years and brings a unique view to our productions. Being half the age of some of us (not to mention half the weight and twice the height) Oliver sees things in different ways and helps us to push the corporate boundaries.

Trained in film making and compositing, he is hungry to learn the latest techniques and is on a mission to continue our quest for the perfect virtual studio.

David Curtis, Video production, 3D

Mark and David have been working together for the last 8 years. In that time, Dave has constantly furthered himself moving from Flash, to full motion video to 3D. He brings a unique blend of talent to 8:45 TV productions and is the architect behind the successful 8:45 branded studio environments.

When Dave isn’t snowed under with client work, he’s working on the next big thing and probably in training for the next series of Mastermind, chosen specialist subject: Football.

Mick Sylvester, Director, video production, cameraman

We’re delighted to welcome Mick to the team as he brings with him many years of experience from the BBC and Sky.

Having helped pioneer live green screen gaming with Skybet, Mick also has interviewed and post-produced videos with a host of famous names including David Attenborough.

With ‘Octopus’ style arms, Mick continues to  produce live multi-camera sport and TV programmes.