We deliver!

With many years’ experience behind us, we get how to deliver video projects on time and on budget. We’ve seen most of the pitfalls and do whatever we can to avoid them.

We are ridiculously honest and will say if something can’t be done, as opposed to promising the earth and failing to deliver.

Our founder, Mark, talks about how we deliver projects.

Below, we explain more about how we set ourselves apart.

We create:

Emotion and connection that PDFs or PowerPoints never could. Seeing personalities and the whites of eyes, whether they be customers, partners, suppliers, peers or executives is the next best thing to actually being with them.

A partnership approach
which is different to the normal client-agency relationship. We firmly believe it takes ‘two to tango’ and that the best work comes through trust, understanding and a commitment on both sides. By forming long term relationships we’ve been able to be proactive and remove client pain.

A branded TV presence which we think is important because it’s familiar. When you watch TV for leisure, you’re being entertained and engaged. We think it should be the same in business. Put your subjects in a familiar looking environment and your audience will listen longer.

We raise:

Proactivity levels and know that our clients love that. We believe there’s nothing better than having a partner which ‘just gets on with it’…. A partner that makes content suggestions, gets more out of a situation and makes the most of budgets. That’s what we do.

The agency bar – because if we don’t, someone else will come along and raise it for us. Part of our success over the last 3 years has been reinvention and the team investigating new techniques and constantly pushing the envelope.

Transparency levels with clients, because honesty is the best policy. Mistakes get made, resources get swallowed up – however there is no excuse for poor communication. Not delivering is our biggest fear. We say when there’s a problem.

We eliminate:

Video snobbery. Video production can give you that feeling you get in a garage when you’re car’s being fixed. We’re not like that. We’re normal, down to earth people and we don’t pretend we know it all. We don’t employ make up artists and don’t call you ‘darling’.

Hidden and sneaky charges because we know that’s what many agencies do. We believe footage shot is yours and won’t charge you extra to own it. We are happy to store and back up your production for a couple of years too – but it costs us – so we show that on your quote so you can make an informed choice.

Pain. Making quality video isn’t always easy, but it should be a fun and enjoyable process. Life isn’t a rehearsal – so why make it painful when it doesn’t have to be? We’ve been told we’re great to work with and will be keeping it that way, or what’s the point!?

We reduce:

The ‘getting started’ problem. As you’ve seen around the website, clean sheets of paper when it comes to video creation aren’t a great starting point. Our clients love options and templated ideas and so that’s our approach.

Lead times which are linked to the point above of course. Even with the best planning in the world, having templates to work to, will always speed delivery times. We’ve produced a Business TV programme in a single day before – we know the demands on business and always meet them.

Complexity is the final thing we reduce – not just through our templated approach, but our approach to audiences in general. If you make your message complicated, your audience will not engage. It’s always one message for one audience and keeping it short is how we got started.