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Less is more

We love learning from others. Square has been innovating for the last few years and really disrupting the point of sale market. So many of our clients are incredibly focused on saying everything they can in a video… This is a great example of saying very little and letting the product speak for itself, by […]

A new partnership

Life is all about working and interacting with great people, whether it’s friends, family or colleagues. In business, there is nothing more important than surrounding yourself with talented people who complement your own skill set. If you can find people who you also enjoy working with and who also share your values, then you’re set […]

Watch this video go viral

Three days ago (at the time of writing) one of the best marketing campaigns you’ll see this year was uploaded to YouTube and yes, it’s only February. Today, it’s generated 35,500 views. It’ll hit the millions before long. Why? It’s clever in its concept, would have taken weeks of planning to get it right and […]

Telling customer stories for Colt

Whilst we spend a lot of time working to our programme formats – white screen / virtual studio etc – sometimes it’s nice to give the team something different to get their teeth into. As we say so often, starting with a clean sheet of paper when it comes to video, is one of the […]

Time for a change

When I started the business 4 years ago, it was me and a camera or two (hence using my personal email address). Today, things have changed a LOT! We now have an incredibly talented team in place and are taking on projects which are more and more ambitious. It’s therefore time for me to change […]

Learning and Technologies conference speech

It was a real privilege today to be able to speak to 150 conference attendees at Europe’s largest Learning Technologies conference on the subject of Video in Learning. It was a very quick overview on some of the practical aspects of producing video for learning. There is a link to the presentation I gave here […]

A brand new animation style

Delighted today to release a brand new animation we’ve just developed for the amazing Customer Satisfaction survey service, Customer Thermometer. As ever, it was scripted and storyboarded carefully and then we produced a set of visuals. When the client was happy with the look and feel, we then went ahead and recorded the voiceover and […]